When the great, now late Canadian composer John Burke heard Antonio Vivaldi’s fugue in e minor (from Sinfonia in e minor for strings and continuo, RV 134), he immediately knew it would be a perfect complement to Ensemble Vivant’s fugue recording. Cleverly coining it ‘iFUGUE’, John gifted his brilliant arrangement of this fugue to Ensemble Vivant. iFUGUE fittingly leads off Ensemble Vivant’s album iFUGUE, A World of Fugues.

Check out the special release of this single mastered  by Andy Walter at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS (of Beatles fame) in London, England.

Catherine Wilson: Piano, Artistic Director
Corey Gemmel: Violin
Norman Hathaway: Viola
Tom Mueller: Cello
George Koller: Bass
Adrian Bent: Drums

Darryl Lahteenmaa: Producer
Aaron Van Domelen: Director of Photography
Claudio Vena: Audio Producer and Mixer
Luke Schindler: Audio Engineer, Revolution Recording
Dean McKey: Protools Operator
Bryan Valderrama: Lighting Director
George Koller: iFugue Logo Design
Record Label: Opening Day Entertainment

Filmed at the Opera House, Toronto, Ontario on Oct 27, 2021

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