Ensemble Vivant is thrilled to announce the release of our single iFUGUE, which was specially mastered by Andy Walter at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS (of Beatles fame) in London, England. iFugue is Track 1 on our album, iFUGUE ~ A World of Fugues on the Opening Day Entertainment Group (ODEG) recording label.

Antonio Vivaldi’s Fugue from his Sinfonia in e minor for strings and continuo, RV 134, is the only pre-Bach fugue represented on this recording. Bach knew Vivaldi’s music and would most likely have known this piece.

The name iFUGUE was coined by the late great Canadian composer John Burke who discovered the wonderful Fugue in e minor from the Sinfonia for strings and continuo by Antonio Vivaldi. John recognized immediately that this terrific fugue would be a wonderful addition to Ensemble Vivant’s Fugue Album. He arranged it for Ensemble Vivant and gifted it to us.

iFugue Single Ensemble Vivant
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