Rags to Riches


Catherine Wilson, piano
John Arpin, piano

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Catherine Wilson was invited by ragtime pianist John Arpin to collaborate as a piano duo. On this recording of ragtime favourites Catherine Wilson performs all the rags as they were composed, and Mr. Arpin provides light improvisations in and around Catherine’s performances. This sparkling recording has become a classic.

  1. The Chevy Chase, J. Hubert (Eubie) Blake
  2. Ragtime, Joseph F. Lamb, Nightingale
  3. Porto Rico, Ford T. Dabney
  4. Gladiolus Rag, Scott Joplin
  5. Bohemia, Joseph F. Lamb
  6. Rialto Ripples (rag), George Gershwin / W. Donaldson
  7. The Easy Winners, Scott Joplin
  8. Solace (a Mexican Serenade)
  9. Pineapple Rag, Scott Joplin
  10. Sleepy Hollow Rag (unique rag novelty), Clarence Woods
  11. Toronto Blues, John Arpin