With generous support from The Canada Council for The Arts, Euterpe: Music is The Key created six music education performance videos for Canadian schoolchildren.

Performances are by Ensemble Vivant, the flagship performance group for Euterpe: Music Is The Key, and guests.

Waltz of The Flowers

The Waltz of The Flowers is one of many delightful highlights in the ballet The Nutcracker, a Christmas Eve fantasy which was written in 1892 by Peter Tchaikovsky, perhaps Russia’s best-known composer.

In the concluding part of the ballet, young Clara imagines that a toy nutcracker in the form of a soldier has come to life as a prince, and she is transported with the prince to the Land of Candy, where the Christmas candies have come to life. The candies, now fairy-like dancers, celebrate Clara and her prince in The Waltz of The Flowers. This beloved piece has been featured in films, including in Walt Disney’s 1940 animated classic Fantasia.

It was arranged for Ensemble Vivant by composer, conductor, producer Claudio Vena.

Goodnight My Someone

Meredith Willson was an American flutist, composer and band leader. He is best known for writing the music and the lyrics for the 1957 hit Broadway musical The Music Man. Wilson also wrote the story for The Music Man in collaboration with Franklin Lacey. The huge success of the Broadway musical led to the 1962 movie The Music Man.

One of the all-time great pieces from this classic musical is the sweet, soothing love ballad Goodnight My Someone, which can be sung to a child or to an older person. In the soundtrack for the movie, it is sung by American singer/actress Shirley Jones.

It was arranged for Ensemble Vivant by composer, pianist Mark Kieswetter.

Euterpe: Music is the Key

Euterpe has been at the forefront ensuring that those least likely to have access to LIVE and VIRTUAL  educational performance programs of Classical, Jazz, and related musical styles, are given these life-enhancing opportunities, free-of-charge to the recipients. 

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