On May 8, 2023 a private event celebrated the life of Tom Mueller. The event was hosted by Tom’s widow Megan Mueller in the Music Room at Hart House, University of Toronto. Megan wanted Ensemble Vivant to be the featured musical offering as Tom had been so passionate about being Ensemble Vivant’s cellist. Other than Ensemble Vivant, who Megan had invited to play, all other musicians on the program had offered to play at this event to honour their friend and colleague.

Megan asked Catherine Wilson and Norman Hathaway to help her coordinate the performances of the guest musicians. She had specified a time limit for each guest performer so that the evening would flow seamlessly. In the end, two of the musicians who had offered to play were unfortunately unable to attend: Ari Rudiakov, viola; and Richard Herriott, piano.

It was a beautiful tribute to Tom and Megan was very happy.

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