Rick Wilkins CD Review, WholeNote

Ensemble Vivant… what you get is absolute magic… familiarity of old friends… yet their playing always retains a sense of gracious etiquette associated with the noble chamber ballroom… sincere and poised… great warmth and swing. (re...

Rick Wilkins CD Review, Rick Wilkins, C.M.

This is the highest-level chamber music making. No matter the genre, there is magic in Ensemble Vivant’s music-making Rick Wilkins, C.M. musician, composer, arranger Rick Wilkins CD Review

Ragtime Review, William Albright

Catherine Wilson’s Ragtime playing is second to none…virtuoso technique and beautiful touch with the right feel and grove combined with a rich musical imagination. William Albright American Ragtime composer, pianist

Ensemble Vivant Review, Fredericton Daily Gleaner

The greatest selling point of the ensemble was the players’ masterful interpretative style. Whether playing a lyrical ballad, a spirited rag, or a sensuous tango, Ensemble Vivant captured the appropriate style instantly. The sense of ensemble was likewise impeccable,...