Acclaim for Ensemble Vivant

“Canada’s chamber music treasure”
– John Terauds, Toronto Star

“I’ve been a professional musician for the past 50 years and during that time I’ve worked with some of the greatest musicians in the world from Glenn Gould to Oscar Peterson. I’ve played with some of the greatest musicians that ever lived. The passion and beauty of Catherine Wilson ’s piano playing is overwhelming. She is a beautifully gifted pianist and musician with a depth of feeling that separates her from the rest and makes her a real standout in the Toronto music community. She is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. I am honored to be part of her music and honored to join Canada’s world class Ensemble Vivant.”
– Don Thompson, O.C., musician, composer, arranger

“Toronto’s Ensemble Vivant does a fantastic job with the nuevo tango of Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla…these musicians capture the passion as well as the verve…the tango rhythm is there from beginning to end…careful layering for mood and tempo in Julien Labro’s arrangements…Wilson’s piano gives this music unerring drive and plenty of sparkle.”
– John Terauds, Toronto Star

“To my heart, your rendition of Oblivion is the most touching I have ever heard: Bravo!”
– François Paré, Radio-Classique, Montréal

“Ensemble Vivant is led by piano virtuoso Catherine Wilson, and features violinist Erica Beston, cellists Amy Laing and Sharon Prater, Dave Young on bass, with Dave Campion and Philip Seguin manning percussion. It all makes for an exciting and vibrant album that is a sure fire hit.”
– Terrence London, Musical Heritage Society Magazine, U.S.A.

“Ensemble Vivant, one of the best small chamber groups out there…is led by pianist extraordinaire Catherine Wilson…(Homage to Astor Piazzolla) is an exciting and vibrant album that is a sure-fire hit.”– Maxwell Fletcher, U.S.A.“Catherine Wilson brings a great technical virtuosity and an understanding of the ‘American’ sound of the Leroy Anderson Piano concerto…she possesses rare depth combined with highly sensitive artistry that is tremendously refreshing.”
– Skitch Henderson, Founder & Music Director, New York Pops

“The greatest selling point of the ensemble was the players’ masterful interpretative style. Whether playing a lyrical ballad, a spirited rag, or a sensuous tango, Ensemble Vivant captured the appropriate style instantly. The sense of ensemble was likewise impeccable, with entrances, articulations and dynamics mirrored precisely … an overwhelming success. The trio was equally at home with traditional classics and original compositions.”
– Fredericton Daily Gleaner, New Brunswick, Canada

“…pianist Catherine Wilson, the pride of Canada…”
– Burlington Standard Press, (Vermont, USA)

“There were bravos, a standing ovation and an encore … the concert revealed the full sweep of Catherine Wilson’s artistic personality, her youthful idealism and openness, her willingness to express emotion, her authority at the piano, and her command of the concert’s direction … Ensemble Vivant cruised the whisking currents of Leroy Anderson’s musical imagination with skill and zest … Anderson would have enjoyed every minute of it.”
– County Courier, Vermont (USA)

“Superb artistry…sensual piano playing … successful crowd pleaser”- Olean Times, New York (USA)“Wonderful performance…congratulations to Ensemble Vivant for uncovering these works and presenting them with their usual flare.”
– David Olds, WholeNote Magazine, Canada

“Catherine Wilson’s affinity for Anderson’s music is much in evidence in this delightful recording…her sensitive piano playing shines.”
– Joseph So, La Scena Musicale

“A thoroughly enjoyable album.”– Boston Herald“This big piano chamber repertoire is beautifully and masterfully performed…insightful interpretations…Catherine Wilson’s playing seems to inhabit the soul of each composer whose work she performs.”
– CD reviews online

“They bring their own sound and sensibility to the music…every time I have played this recording I have enjoyed it – both for the playing and for the program.”
– American Record Guide, U.S.A.

“… desert island favourites …”
– Bob Kerr, CBC Radio

“Here is the perfect light chamber music album … a little of everything to suit any taste … a wonderfully talented ensemble that performs with a warmth and flow that betrays an exceptional closeness … truly these players are more than just in-tune with each other … the overall effect is joyous and compelling”
– Music Magazine, Canada