Acclaim for Catherine Wilson

“Catherine Wilson is a magnificent and passionate concert pianist/artist. A joy to listen to and lovely to watch. Her playing and that of her group Ensemble Vivant is wonderfully warm and heartfelt and at the same time vibrant and exciting. These artists are among the finest anywhere, with brilliant musicianship and artistry, and they are also among that rare breed of internationally renowned performers whose artistry is truly stylistically eclectic.”
Guido Basso, O.C. jazz trumpet/flugelhorn

“I’ve been a professional musician for the past 50 years and during that time I’ve worked with some of the greatest musicians in the world from Glenn Gould to Oscar Peterson. I’ve played with some of the greatest musicians that ever lived. The passion and beauty of Catherine Wilson ’s piano playing is overwhelming. She is a beautifully gifted pianist and musician with a depth of feeling that separates her from the rest and makes her a real standout in the Toronto music community. She is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. I am honored to be part of her music and honored to join Canada’s world class Ensemble Vivant.”
– Don Thompson, O.C., musician, composer, arranger

“No matter the genre being performed, there is magic in her music making.”
– Rick Wilkins, Canadian jazz great and member of the Order of Canada (re: pianist, Catherine Wilson)

“To my heart, your rendition of Oblivion is the most touching I have ever heard: Bravo!”
– François Paré, Radio-Classique, Montréal

“Catherine Wilson, the pride of Canada…”
– Burlington Standard Press, (Vermont, USA)

“Catherine Wilson was sensational in her performance of the Leroy Anderson Piano Concerto at Carnegie Hall with Skitch Henderson conducting the New York Pops. She brings a special lyric sensitivity to her performance, along with meticulous technical ability. Her presence and affinity for the piece are palpable.”
– Mrs. Leroy Anderson

“Catherine Wilson brings a great technical virtuosity and an understanding of the ‘American’ sound of the Leroy Anderson Piano concerto…she possesses rare depth combined with highly sensitive artistry that is tremendously refreshing.”
– Skitch Henderson, Founder & Music Director, New York Pops

“Catherine Wilson’s playing possesses the perfect combination of superb musicality, passionate commitment, and a lyrical and delicate shading of tonal colours.”
– Roberto de Clara, Music Director, Oakville Symphony Orchestra

“Wilson is a dazzling performer to watch as well as listen to…there is technical perfection and keen emotionality…she left the audience suspended until the last notes of the concerto…Wilson’s performance was electric; she appears as though she feels every note she plays – at one with her music and instrument.”
– Welland Tribune (of Catherine Wilson’s performances with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra)

“I have not heard exquisite Chopin playing like this since last hearing Artur Rubinstein…”
– Toronto Star (re: pianist Catherine Wilson)

“Brilliant, stunning virtuoso…”
– The Victoria Times Colonist (Canada)

“Magical playing…a true artist…most entertaining…”
– Toronto Star

“… a rising star with great talent … tremendous …”
– The Record Sentinel Times (USA)